Thursday, March 20, 2008

Is it me or them?- tracing who's at fault

Earlier this week I wasted a couple of hours, trying to trace a fault that wasn't here in the office. The ISDN connection wasn't working properly - apparatus indicated they couldn't find the line. ADSL was working OK, and I will shortly get rid of all ISDN equipment anyway, but still. Turns out that KPN, my provider for a few days more, was messing around in the switching centre and they turned me off. Brilliant. KPN Helpdesk denied it...but curiously 20 minutes after sending an e-mail the line came back. Its the fact that they didn't apologize that has made me give up on KPN - customer service reminds me of Irma Bunt, with staff trained to explain what they are NOT going to do for you. Ah well, not much longer before I switch providers.

But that reminds me to share this site . Sometimes you can't get into a site (like Blogger) and the question is - is this a problem at my end or theirs. This site checks for you.

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