Saturday, June 30, 2007

Why queue? Plenty of iPhones on shelves

No, it hasn't sold out. They made enough of the first generation phones. One day later, it is available at all Apple stores.


Anonymous said...

I wandered into an Apple store late this afternoon because I needed a new power adapter for our 3 year old iBook G4 (the original is fraying badly and power becoming intermittent). The store I was at in the New Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia seemed to have plenty of iPhones. My wife and I played with one for about ten minutes. I found the on-screen keyboard amazingly usable; my wife couldn't get it to work for anything. I was impressed at how much functionality they'd fit in the package, but I've had phones that were about the same size (albeit thicker) and found them uncomfortable enough in my pocket that I generally left it at home. Candybar phones just don't work for me. So I guess an iPhone isn't in my future.

Jonathan Marks said...

Interesting. Since many people not only know what's called, but how much it is worth, using one must also be a bit of a security risk in some parts of the US. Breaking the SIM lock is child's play.