Monday, June 25, 2007

Mighty Heart Failure?

New York Times is reporting that “A Mighty Heart” from Paramount Vantage has had a difficult opening in the USA. Starring Angelina Jolie as the widow of the slain Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, “A Mighty Heart” rode a tidal wave of publicity to the box office but so far brought in only $4 million on 1,353 screens, for $295,200 a screen.

The total raises questions about the studio’s decision to try to attract a serious-minded audience during the summer, when frothy material dominates. “We’re keeping our fingers crossed it builds,” said a Paramount Vantage spokesman.

I guess it might do better abroad, especially considering the current plight of Alan Johnston.

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lou josephs said...

Actually considering the hype for "Evan Almighty" a serious comedy, coming in at number 3 isn't all that bad. Lots of publicity for the movie in the past week helped.
But before the July 4th Holiday you don't really expect much.