Monday, June 18, 2007

Endemol at Google: Web 3.0

Peter Bazalgette, Chief Creative Officer of Endemol, speaks about the opportunities created by the interconnectedness of media. He tackles what he describes as Internet 2.0 myths.

Commercial Terrestrial TV is declining: No, TV in the UK advertising is growing by 5% a year, and is expected to grow for the next 5 years.

Commercial Breaks are less effective. Advertising is actually getting closer to content than ever before. He takes the example of ABC, who got an 87% recall by putting ads at the start of their on-line content. Now they are connected more closely the content.

People don't want advertising sponsored free downloads. Yes they do. In 2005, Channel 4 offered Big Brother download in the UK as a paid downlaod subscription. Channel 4 only sold 25,000 downloads of BB. In 2006 they made it free, with an ad before it started. They "sold" 25 million downloads. People are willing to make a contract for their attention.

16-24 is deserting mainstream TV, but putting content into games is a huge audience that is full of opportunities.

On line betting is doing very well, like Deal or No Deal.

Endemol feels that being the Ringmaster in the circus of contributions. They use the user generated content and they remake them to Tv standards. The show is called Ten Day Take. It is not about winners and losers. It's about creating incremental value.

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