Saturday, June 16, 2007

In Praise of In Business

I really enjoy Peter Day's In Business series - both on Radio 4 and BBC WS, and I am so pleased it was one of the first shows to be podcast.

I do a lot of traveling and store these tales of change for listening in the plane and later reference. I particularly enjoyed the recent show on the Eden project and the Monkey Business school of management. I work with creative companies and my experience is that having those kind of rules like "you have to read two books a year outside your own field" works well. It improves your own social currency and it improves presentations in your own field. I'm not sure why Peter has any reservations for working for Tim Smit, or a company like that.

There are plenty of business shows out there that are very forgettable. That's because they are just assembled, mainly from press releases. Peter not only shares interesting content, but he puts it into an engaging context wrapped up with logicial, humourous narrative. Long may it continue.

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