Monday, May 28, 2007

Web 2.0 Bubble

Barry Flaherty sent me a fascinating link to a new directory of Web 2.0 companies. Interesting to see the business models and products at work there. Is there another bubble about to burst? I think so, before the end of this year. Why? There is too much overlap and a galaxy of proprietary systems. When so much time is put into tagging stuff in Web 2.0 it is important that if you decide to migrate your photo collection from say, Flickr to Picasa the tags as well as the photos would go with the move. Does that happen? No. We're getting to the point where the tagging of stuff properly is taking as long as making the content. This is certainly true in the video business. Shooting the raw footage is only part of the challenge. Editing and posting is VERY time consuming.

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