Monday, May 28, 2007

Reciva 2.0?

I am impressed with my wifi radio with the Reciva software, but the next stage is for Reciva to open a wiki style database. They can't keep up with the new entries sent in by their users....and they never will solve that problem using the gatekeeper model. The video clip shows Ian Henderson of the Cambridge based Reciva company demonstrating what they're doing with their wifi radio technology in 2007.

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Paul Webster said...

Reciva have posted a message on their forum asking for community volunteers to come forward and assist with handling the addition/update of radio stations.

I have also suggested to them that an even more open wiki-style approach could be useful - as I have experience of it working fine for the Slimdevices/Logitech community.
This would not replace their own lists - but would be a community maintained list of additional stations ... some (or even many) of which could make their way into the official list (semi-automatically).
If the device supported OPML (again - like the Squeezebox does via its SlimServer) then it could be possible to have a truly open list of stations maintained independently of any device manufacturer. This might be seen as a bad idea by Reciva as it could be seen as removing one of their selling points but it could also decrease their costs and user concerns (e.g. what happens if Reciva goes off-line?).