Saturday, October 30, 2004

TV B Gone

TV Be Gone Key Remote

For 15 US Dollars a website in the US is offering a key-ring size remote that claims it can switch off any television at the push of a button. I note that especially in airports, bars and restaurants in the US, there are TVs playing with the sound turned down. What a waste? The device runs through some 209 infrared codes which control more than 1,000 models of TV, and ought to disable most sets within 60 seconds. There seems to be a special version for Europe (I guess PAL countries). I confess to have ordered one.

It does nothing more than try all the infra-red codes it knows - so no permanent damage.

I wonder what happens if you take it to an exhibition? I remember taking an IR remote control to the Berlin Audio and Video exhibition in 1981 - the first time the vidi-walls appears. I discovered one push of the "off-switch" was enough to turn the entire stand off. Four hours later there were bits of masking tape on the TV's...someone twigged about "Infra-Red terrorism".

The site was sold out in 48 hours, but they are now back in stock as of today. Click the headline above for the website.


Anonymous said...

Whatis the URL of this company?

Jonathan Marks said... is the link you need