Sunday, October 24, 2004

Post PC Mumbo Jumbo

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In South Korea at the moment, there is exhibition of wearable computers/technology. The photos look peculiar - may be cool (in fact cold) but not all that practical. What was the problem they were trying to solve? Well, the IT-SoC Conference Chairman Seok Yeul Kang tried to explain on their website what they are doing. Not sure he really succeeds!
System on Chip technology is selected government's dynamic industrial field of new development in next generation technology and is stood in the spotlight of digital revolution to have users enjoy their inquired information whenever and wherever by combining the internet and next generation wireless multimedia communication and digital broadcasting. Also, it is the core technology of digital convergence that merged and cooperated with digital technology and products.

IT-SoC 2004 Show which SoC related academic and exhibiting event. is held to meet the needs of the times. Also, the conferences will be held those are related with SoC which distinguished monographs' release, guest speeches from domestic and foreign specialist and round table panel discussions.

We would like to welcome industrial, academic and research institutes peoples' positive concern over the various SoC related technology and information exchange to discuss not only the future development but also the strengthen over competitive power of SoC.

Translation anyone?

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