Saturday, October 23, 2004

Sony Vaio X - With One Terabyte

Predictions about the continual downward spiral in the cost of storage are on track. On October 5th 2004, Sony launched a VAIO for the home, equipped with a huge 1-terabyte hard disk. The Sony VAIO Type X performs as an "audiovisual recording server." The device can record six channels of terrestrial analogue broadcasts simultaneously, and the dedicated recording disk has enough space for one week of continuous viewing....why don't they just say 5184 hours? It also has a "television time-shift" viewing function, allowing users to watch programs that have been recorded. You can also use the remote control to go back in time and re-arrange programmes by genre, as well as enter key words to find desired programmes. Sony says the VAIO X will be launched on November 15th 2004.

No doubt it will have its own unique power supply - Sony products have that habit. Did you know Sony lanches, on average, 2 new products a hour?
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