Tuesday, June 29, 2004

WFMT charges for Internet streams

This Chicago classical music station also distributes Radio Netherlands jazz material. Looks like they are really going to test if people are willing to pay for Internet audio feeds (my guess is only the really dedicated few).

After enjoying WFMT-FM (98.7) via their cable television systems for 25 years, thousands of listeners from coast to coast soon won't be hearing the classical music station anymore.

Due to the proverbial "circumstances beyond their control" -- in this case, a unilateral decision by Tribune Co. to drop the audio service next month from its cable superstation feed -- WFMT bosses are scrambling for a substitute method of distribution.

Starting in early July, the station will begin streaming its signal online on a paid-subscription basis. It is expected to cost $60 a year for WFMT Fine Arts Circle members and $100 a year for non-members.

Some insiders are dubious about creation of a pay-stream service, citing few successful broadcast models for such a system. But without a national presence, WFMT stands to lose much of its listenership, clients and revenue.

Listeners interested in the new service are invited to write to: streaming@wfmt.com

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Anonymous said...

So how are they going to prevent you from getting the stream if you have the url?
Real allows you to cloak the stream but if you are smart enough you can find it, that's why baseball is using Windows Media.

Yeah these are ways to do it but all of them involve using DRM which you 24/7 radio station won't invest in.