Monday, June 07, 2004

DirecTV to dump Spaceway?

Inside Satellite's 'Comment' page in the last issue spoke about the challenges that Europe's broadband suppliers are facing in getting economical high-speed services onto satellite. Now it seems that Rupert Murdoch is having the same thoughts over DirecTV's 'Spaceway' project. Spaceway was DirecTV's former owner Hughes' spectacular set of highly-sophisticated Ka-Band orbital assets designed to supply America's rural heartland with high-speed broadband-oversatellite.

If so, quite a few people in the US are going to have trouble getting broadband to middle America. Cable is out of the question and ADSL impractical.

Good newsletter, by the way, recommended.

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Anonymous said...

We had a two person shop within Loral Cyberstar pushing direct to home, we tested and played with it. It worked but the amount of money you could charge for the service didn't justify the investment in the fleet of birds needed. Hence like the IP multicast streaming it was a non issue within the company.