Friday, June 25, 2004

DRM Receiver Update

Not all that impressed with the Mayah DRM 2010 shortwave portable radio. It only runs on mains power and that is highly polluted with compter gunk. May be it was deliberate, but the power unit only came with a 220 v power supply. Bought another one at Frys which was supposed to be quiet and stablized - it is. So, only chance to test the set will be when I get my hotel room with a balcony.

So, I believe in the system...just not in this early receiver.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting article in The New York Times today about problems with digital HDTV. Probably the biggest problem they mention is that you need to be right in the beam of the signal and have your antenna aimed very precisely and even then, your reception may freeze and die anyway. I thought it was interesting, because it sounded very close to my experience with DRM.

I don't doubt that the Mayah radio is not wonderful, but I still suspect that part of the reason is that the system is seriously flawed.