Friday, June 25, 2004

Superb Supernova

Spent a few days zooming up and down Silicon Valley, mainly just observing things. There is a clearly a buzz back in the valley and some interesting projects are starting to roll out. A lot is under wraps...I didn't have to sign a non-disclosure but it was made clear that if I ever wanted more info, then watch but don't talk. Bought Clinton's book on CD.. I want to hear him read his own stuff. talks so far from Kevin Werbach, CEO, Supernova Group and Thomas W. Malone, Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management. He's a great speaker and insightful as to where business is going. Ray Ozzie, CEO, Groove Networks Inc talked a lot about the networks they are building for the military in Iraq and the problems of integrating the various services. In the break out sessions in the afternoon
Greg Reinacker, CEO, Newsgator, Tara Lemmey, LENS Ventures and John Robb, Global Guerillas were the best speakers I saw. More later, when I can get access to the network again...lots of viruses around this sunny Friday morning.

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