Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Wanadoo Nothing

There is a new BroadbandNetwork in Holland which has done deals with (amongst others) Wanadoo. I spent far too much of last month trying to get a BBNed connection working on Wanadoo ADSL Direct. Of course, you still need a phone connected to the standard KPN network. However, KPN would sell me a modem but wouldn't help with installation (don't know the settings for the modem). But at least they knew what settings were wrong. The Wanadoo helpdesk was truly the worst experience I have ever had in 25 years in the business - know nothing, never answer e-mails, and do nothing to solve problems....all this while they charge you 10 cents a minute and take 20 minutes to answer the phone! They come across as a bunch of kids with order forms. In the end, the modem site had the software I was looking for - so it turned out to be a " B & Q" solution - do it yourself.

I wonder if any of the executives at Wanadoo have spent a day at their helpdesk call centre. I doubt it.

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