Thursday, June 10, 2004

Empty Second Hand Hard Drives?

Earlier this spring, Peter Larsson, CEO of data-security firm Pointsec Mobile Technologies, ordered 100 hard drives from e-Bay to see if there was any data on the drives that could be read: Data on 70 of the drives was readable.
“With some of them it was quite apparent that there was information that shouldn't be available,” he said in an interview Wednesday. In one case, he paid $10 for a hard drive that contained extremely sensitive information on one of Europe's largest financial groups--information on customer databases, payroll records, login codes, and passwords.

It all began last fall, Larsson said, when he visited O'Hare Airport, in Chicago, and Denver International Airport, as well as Heathrow and Gatwick, in the U. K. He asked officials if he could examine abandoned and lost laptops that were for sale at auction. Like all prospective bidders, he was able to examine several laptops and found that, without exception, the data was easy to read

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