Monday, June 14, 2004

Spectrum Opens Up in the US

Internet Policy weblog just carried this significant piece of news...

Jeffrey Silva wrote for RCR Wireless News on 10 June: "The [US] Federal Communications Commission today opened a huge swath of spectrum for wireless broadband services, creating incentives for businesses to invest in a third digital pipe to homes and businesses across the country... Nearly 200 MegaHertz in the 2.5 GHz band will become available for wireless broadband services. By revamping the 2.5 GHz band, it is now technically feasible and financially attractive to deploy wireless broadband systems [in the United States].... The FCC set a three-year transition period for [existing licensees in the 2.495 - 2.690 GHz band] to adapt to new rule changes, and established guidelines for negotiations among stakeholders. At the same time, the commission launched a new inquiry to study whether other mechanisms—including auctions—can be employed to maximize use of 2.5 GHz frequencies."

Additional details from Roy Mark at "The new rules restructure the band currently used by Multipoint Distribution Services (MDS) - commercial operators who send data and video programming - and Instructional Television Fixed Services (ITFS) used by schools and other educational entities... In addition, the FCC renamed the MDS service the Broadband Radio Service (BRS)... 'The magnitude of today's ruling is apparent when one considers that this band is double the spectrum that sparked the Wi-Fi explosion at 2.4GHz and equivalent to the entire spectrum devoted to terrestrial mobile wireless services,' FCC Chairman Michael Powell said."

Click here for the FCC news release about this decision...which came on the same day that the FCC unveiled their Internet history website.

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