Monday, July 15, 2013

Media Network Webcast Experiment in 2000

Looking through the archives again. And disovered this/. We did a special 2 hr webcast to celebrate the 1000th edition of Media Network in February 2000. We were rather ahead of our time because although we were streaming live into the web using a Real Audio server, we only knew that around 575 people were able to listen at any one time. We had none of the webstats that are available now. Glad I found the audio on a CD so we can share it again with the Media Network Vintage Radio audience. It is a marathon session....2 hours of greetings and links with listeners. Were you part of the celebrations?

Check out this episode!

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lou josephs said...

Looking back after 13 years cable started the high speed net and then the local telco's got into with fiber to the house that changed everything You got killer speed and always on fast connections. No one saw the cloud coming or the rise of social media.
Radio was just starting consolidation which killed it and the local service it provided.
International radio had not yet entered the long goodbye as plenty of stations where out there to listen to.
Ratings services how about this one Nielsen bought Arbitron. Webcasting it still born and crippled because of copyright payments and restrictions on content (ie you can't play two songs by the same artist back to back).
Podcasting became a nice way of delivering audio to the computer desktop or phone.
The mobile battle starts in Europe by then Apple enters and google enters so we have a split between the Apple Iphone and the google android operating system as both companies battle for market share and force microsoft to re organize.
The European phone manufacturers aren't players anymore.
My old philly radio station is now all conservative talk.
IBOC or HD Radio launches and goes nowhere, with bandwidth splash that kills am dxing,
Your up to date thanks for listening