Tuesday, July 09, 2013

A My Radio channel

I listen to radio in two ways. About 25% is live. There's a wifi radio on in the kitchen for most of the day. And it is listening to BBC Radio 4. But all the rest of my listening is to on-demand speech material, either poadcasts of specific feature programmes or podcasts from a select number of outlets. I love the downcast app because it is platform agnostic. If it is video, it plays video. If its audio, then you just get that. The content plays out programme by programme. James Cridland tipped me to a new app in the Apple Store, caled swell,  which would be ideal for the car or train. It takes your favorite material and plays it continuously, rather like the NPR  Infinity player. Except that it is not limited to NPR content. Love the promo for it. Pity it is restricted to the US for the time being. They need to look at the success of Vod.io and work something out.

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