Tuesday, July 16, 2013

MN.03.04.1997. Receiver News & African Mystery

More from the Media Network vintage radio archives. There are several hundred on line, put up as a public service. Why? Because they actually tell the story of international radio broadcasting from its origins in the 1920's up until rapid decline at the end of the 1990's. For most of us, it's great nostalgia.

This is a news orientated programme making use of a full postbag. We did a lot of reporting about shortwave receivers on Media Network, broadcasting rather lengthy reviews over the air. Nowadays, the web would be a much better medium. But it wasn't fast enough in the 1990's and only a small proportion of the audience has access.PC computing in a slump - looks like what's happening in 2013 is exactly the same as when we made this programme in April 1997. Shortwave radio dealers were closing. Remember Gilder Shortwave? We discover what is new about the Drake SW-2 receiver. We report that Radio Netherlands use of 1440 kHz (the great 208 from Radio Luxembourg) is being extended over the summer period. Andy Sennitt is trying to solve a Tanzanian mystery. Lou Josephs reports on improvements to broadcasters websites. Victor Goonetilleke has been hearing both Angola and Costa Rica. We also talked about Radio Fax, 6220 kHz from Trevor Brook of Surrey Electronics. Trevor was trying to get an official licence to broadcast programmes.

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lou josephs said...

Update here is easy there is no more Sri switzerland is long gone from shortwave and swiss info is not the same as SRI was..