Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Strange Spam

My spam filter catches quite a lot of spam, something I notice when I travel with my Nokia 9300 which has a Blackberry function. But over the last few days, one particular SPAM message has made it into my inbox. Its one of these share gossip spams, supposedly addressed to someone else about a hot share opportunity, in the hope that the tip will be stolen. Most of the time, the text is complete nonsense. But this one is pushing Advanced Powerline Technologies, Inc.'s a US company who's principal business focus is to create and develop Broadband over Power Line (BPL) and Power Line Communications (PLC) friendly devices, products and services. The company's main products at this time are cellular phones and liquid crystal display (LCD) digital televisions with high definition tuners and built in broadband over power line technology.

Personally I would never invest in a company that is "polluting" other parts of the airwaves....the power lines in your house are not shielded and so just try using an AM radio in a room fitted with PLC technology. Curious to see what happens to the stock as a result of the spam.

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