Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I truly hope you will be seduced by our approach!

  A bottle of champagne and a brochure just arrived by Fed-Ex with an invitation to celebrate. It is part of the launch campaign the new 24hr news channel from France is organising. Clearly from the brochure it is the start of something....France 24 says their new TV channel will start with an equal web-presence. They are hoping that the buzz in the blogosphere will last longer than a brief mention on (competing) TV channels when they get going in French, English and Arabic a week today. They certainly get points for using social media from before Day 1. I wonder if they will be using User Generated Content? Will that be allowed by the French broadcast unions, famous for resisting technology in many other French public networks? But for the moment, I am not complaining. Cheers! (the title of this post is taken from the last line of the letter from the Director of New Media, Stanislas Leridon.)  Posted by Picasa

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