Tuesday, November 07, 2006

PHOHI Flats & Shops

  Just down the road from the monument are the Phohi flats and shops. Until now, the only monument to the fact that transmitters once stood there has been an inscription in the stairwell of the flats...most people haven't a clue about what it means. If you speak Dutch, then this page has some of the best stories and photos. PHOHI stood for Philips Omroep Holland Indie, which meant Philips broadcasting (service) for Netherlands Indies, i.e. the empire. The signals could be heard in the Caribbean as well as in Indonesia. Those were for commercial programmes in Dutch in 1937-1940. There was also a special programme on Sundays in English and Spanish which was given the callsign PCJJ, which presenter Eddy Startz shortened to stand for Peace Cheer and Joy. It was international entertainment for its day. Posted by Picasa

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