Monday, November 28, 2005

Navteq doesn't get it

My car uses CD-ROMs to give the navigation system the maps it needs. Navteq, the supplier of the maps sent me a flyer in the post because it wants me to buy a new set to "keep up to date". I plan to replace the car next year and I know that the new car will probably use a single DVD rather than a set of CDs. Would I be able to exchange the set of CD-ROMS for a DVD to fit the system in the new car? No, says Navteq,

"NAVTEQ is the database provider for your navigation system. We are not a system vendor. BMW is the company that choose the device that is factory fitted in your system. You currently have a CD based system and it is possible indeed that the new BMW are now factory fitted with a DVD based system.

About subscription policy, please note we do not deliver such a service. If you wish to update your maps, you have to place an order. If your dealer informs you that the CDs are not compatible with the system of your next vehicle, you are the only person who decides if it is necessary to update your maps."

With an answer like that, I know my answer is going to be "NO". They could offer a subscription service, offering data in any relevant format as a way of building customer loyalty. The cost of the CDs and/or DVD is just a few cents. But no, Navteq is working on an "out of business" model.

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