Saturday, June 01, 2013

How the BBC spends your Money

Gerd Leonhard - the man with the overview of what could happen next.
Brilliant Futurist Gerd Leonhard pointed me in the direction of some fascinating data as we both review the disruptive elements in public service broadcasting. The problem with most public broadcasters is that their annual reports say nothing and the figures are one big PR hype. And yet it is the tax-payers money which is being spent.

It's not that public broadcasters make bad programmes. It's just that most of them are making it for me, rather than with me. All I want is to feel is part of the greater discussion. I feel that was started with projects like in he UK but that seems to have come to an end. Why not conduct the discussion about the future of public broadcasting with the public? A role for the EBU? You might be surprised about the number of fans you have.

But why does it take the Guardian to put this kind of data into a form that we can all understand?  Good luck with the comparison by reading the BBC Annual Report.

Lessons Learned:

Figures I'd like to see in the infographic.

How many hours of original programming do the various radio and TV networks produce? By that I mean playing commercial music on Radio 1 or Radio 3 does not count. Nor do films or content bought off the shelf.  May be the answers will come in a Free Of Information Act request? 
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