Sunday, July 31, 2011

Why have we forgotten Fukushima Daiichi?

Left a comment underneath this video on YoutTube, expressing concern that so little information is coming out of Japan after such a terrible incident. (Update August 6th 2011: Never moderated, so a waste of time sending it in). World's media have dropped the story and I have been especially very disappointed in NHK Radio Japan's poor coverage in what must be the most important story out of Japan in decades.  Frankly, this update from IAEA is very worrying. It says nothing and therefore does not reassure. My comment is awaiting moderation. I wonder if it will ever be published. In the meantime a massive 2500 people have watched this video, i.e. no-one.

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marco barsotti said...

NHK international - which we get in HD here in France over ipTv - did cover a lot the fukujima problems for about one month and a half. Then the story kind of faded away.

But the interesting thing is: we have a few friends in Tokyo, all active bloggers, and the barely mention it.