Sunday, January 27, 2008

Great Series - Coast

The BBC and the Open University in the UK are now up to their third series about the Coast of Britain - and it is one of the best examples of what public TV does best, explaining the UK's heritage. I have bought all the programmes on DVD and dip into them again often. My favourite is episode 7 of Series Three which explores the Y-service stations (taking Sheringham, Norfolk as an example, though spelling it Sherringham for some reason) and the clever montage work to explain the secret Cobra Mist radar station at Orfordness, currently the home of BBC's World service outlet on 648 kHz. This shot shows how it must have looked like around 1971, though any aircraft getting this close in those days would probably have been shot down. These days no aircraft fly near the mediumwave masts, which is why they can save money and not bother to put any lights in them.

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