Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blinkx Business

Link: sevenload.com

Most interesting part of this session is the way Suranga Chandratillake explains his company Blinkx (around 10 minutes into the video), the blind-men-and-the-elephant story (14'50") and the bit around 44 minutes 12 seconds where he reveals the turn-over for Blinkx is US$4 million for 2008, this year is heavily loss-making because they went through the IPO in 2007, so their costs are over "double" the 4 million. They plan 12-20 million dollars turnover in the coming years. Not quite Google, but their audio-video search technology is very clever and has huge potential. A company to watch - with 18 million hours of content.

Martin Sorrell at DLD
Originally uploaded by Jonathan Marks
Martin Sorrell identifies the elephant in the room. New media companies won't disclose their revenues. Only Blinkx came out with the figures.

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