Wednesday, January 09, 2008

French Touch

The French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner has responded to yesterday's comments by President Nicolas Sarkozy saying he did "not completely" agree with abandoning broadcasts in foreign languages by the "France-Monde" consortion to be set up this year. It sounds a bit like they're moving discussions more in the form of "BBC Global News" construction. I still maintain cutting foreign language TV would be silly. Foreign language radio needs an overhaul though.

"The president has expressed his opinion and it is he who will take the decision," Mr Kouchner is quoted as saying. "But the consultation period has barely begun and the conception period is not over," he stressed, while highlighting the need to "reflect with three entities" (TV5, France 24 and RFI).

1 comment:

lou josephs said...

Seems that the French don't seem to know what business they are in with international radio yet alone TV.
Sounds like a way to pull the plug.