Sunday, December 16, 2007

Max Cracks Dutch Railways

Like many people here, I have been following with interest a series of great films made by Max Cornelisse. He is an IT student who has built an audience of millions of Youtube viewers in the Netherlands. He claims to have hacked computers in several strategic places... breaking in to Dutch railways computer and changing the announcements at the train station. In this clip he changes the platform number and then asks a passenger where he is going today. He is flying to Alicante. A few seconds later the train announcement board says the next train is for Alicante. Since the flip-over destination boards are not electronic, there is no way for him to get Alicante on the board in the real world. But on Youtube, any joke is possible. I wonder if any foreign TV networks will fall for the trick?

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Anonymous said...

yes here is a talkshow where he says that it's fake:

it's a commercial for as it's shown on the end of every vid