Thursday, December 27, 2007

Linked In

I've decided to consolidate my business social networks, moving away from Xing and just using LinkedIn. I still don't think any of them are much more than an electronic Rolodex and don't understand that in my kind of business I have different levels of business relationships. LinkedIn doesn't allow for this, nor can you recommend someone unless you have worked with them. There are people I have seen perform on stage, like Hans Rosling, who I find inspiring. No way to add that to a person's profile. I hope this networking software will become more intelligent in 2008, bearing in mind the fact that one mistake with this stuff leads to a very high embarassment factor.

I get the impression more people are working these two "bridge" days than last year, simply to catch up before 2008 hits us next Tuesday. I am also amazed how people misunderstand the use of the Office Outlook autoreply. Data that they would never give out on a business card (like home numbers or mobile phone numbers) are quite happily put into Office with an invitation to call. If I am away from the office, those who need to know, know how to reach me.

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