Thursday, September 27, 2007

Podcast New style

I've often wondered why the attempts to make audioblogging never worked using the mobile phone, especially as the quality of the microphone inside the phone is getting so much better. Vincent Everts introduced me to Gabcast this afternoon. He called a number and interviewed Viola van Alphen about her work as a Second Life specialist. Once complete the system posts the audio as a link on a blog of your choosing. Great for podcasting....not sure it would work for politicians. Though, it is certainly working in Burma right now.


Chris O'Hearn said...

Interesting service which I will try out though as ever the rights are a possible issue. I had to sign up to:

"By submitting information to the Site, the User ("Licensor") grants to the Owner ("Licensee") a non-exclusive, unlimited, perpetual, worldwide license of any works to distribute them on or through the Site. The Licensor represents and warrants that: 1)the Licensor is the owner of all rights to the work or such rights as are necessary to grant the license; 2)the Licensor has secured all necessary licenses, consents, permissions and releases for use of all components or elements of the work, including all copyrights contained in the work;"

Now if I use it to say read chapters of story books for my children, which they access via an invite-only blog, how can I grant a worldwide licence to Gabcast, or be expected to clear the rights.

I understand why they have asked for this but the fiction that users will own or clear rights continues to amuse me !

Jonathan Marks said...

you're right. Infact in China the platforms seem to work with the copyright owners to offer an outlet for commercial content and find a way to share the revenue. This sort of thing is going to happen anyway. If you could clear the rights for those stories for say 50 p by pressing a button, would you do so?

Chris O'Hearn said...

Probably not for private non-commercial usage which I feel should be covered by me buying the book in the first place.

What I would happily do is agree that if I made it public and revenue was generated that it would go first or mostly to the content owner and platform owner.