Sunday, September 23, 2007


Not sure if I understand Babelgum's slogan. Perhaps it works in Italian. But in English it makes them sound like a drugs company. The beta keeps crashing on my machine.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jonathan,

we actually meant "substance" in its meaning:

1. that of which a thing consists;

The substance of the Internet.

The only addiction we have is for the web... :-)

What machine/release do you have? A new version has been relesed recently, maybe you just need to update it

Jonathan Marks said...

Impressed by the comment above - that Babelgum is actually going out into the Blogosphere with active customer support and excercising a right to reply. OK, now I understand the slogan, but I can't see me repeating it to friends. Perhaps "Chewing gum for the mind" or "Bring context to content" are better alternatives. Babelgum seems to be more focussed on the content than Joost.