Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Dormitory Boys - Radio in My Head

Moderated a very interesting presentation today at Picnic07 by Jeroen de Kloet who finished up by playing a video of the famous Back Dorm Boys, two Chinese students who were especially popular in China for lipsyncing to Western songs and then posting the results on You-tube. I know it is around 2 years ago now, but still funny. I'll add Radio in My Head (above) to the collection of radio performances. The mistake they made was to go out and perform - the dorm performances were always better.

According to Wikipedia...

The two, Wei Wei (Traditional Chinese: 韋煒; Simplified Chinese: 韦炜, and in English: Vivi) and Huang Yi Xin (Traditional Chinese: 黃藝馨; Simplified Chinese: 黄艺馨), were sculpture majors at the Guangzhou Arts Institute.

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