Saturday, September 29, 2007

Quiet Give-Away in the Gasworks

It is early Saturday afternoon. My son and I are watching a live video feed from Amsterdam coming from the Gasworks. Sir Richard Branson is on a stage talking about the Green Challenge in the build-up to a prize they will be giving away to the best finalist. Sir Richard is a great human being, but a very nervous, rambling public speaker. So rather than let him stumble, why don't they interview him instead? Other parts of the ceremony showed signs that there had not been much of a rehearsal beforehand - it had all the appearances of being thrown together at the last moment. Now, I could understand if the prize was a book token, but not when the Netherlands National Postcode Lottery is giving away half a million Euro to the best idea to save the planet. In the end, the prize went to Qurrent for developing boxes for the home that control devices in an environmentally friendly way.

The fact that all the information surrounding the live box indicates that the last transmission from Picnic was on Friday (yesterday) indicates they weren't really expected viewers from outside the Gasworks. Missed opportunity.

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gabemac said...

I really agree with that. I was hoping to watch on the UPC channel. No such luck. Makes me wonder how much money they do have to trhow at it to be interesting enough. Actually I get the feeling the whole green challenge was more of a trend thing to do, than something that REALLY was important. No we need to give Marc Canter or KPN more of a stage again than the environment. Just my two cents.