Sunday, July 06, 2014

From our own war correspondent, D-Day

Bumped in to this Incredible high quality colour film footage on YouTube. It was shot from June to December 1944 by US documentary filmmaker Jack Lieb. He worked for the newsreel company News of the Day and shot the D-Day landings and the campaign through France to Aachen. The film starts with images from London in the last summer of wartime, when V1 and V2 missiles still attacked the city. Lieb worked in a group of journalists together with Ernest Hemingway, Bob Landry, Robert Capa, Larry LeSueur and others. After the invasion Lieb filmed as well the liberation of Paris with Charles deGaulle on the Champs Elysees.

Jack Lieb brought his 35mm black and white camera to film war coverage for News of the Day newsreels and his 16mm home movie camera to shoot color film to show to his family back home. 

It's great that Jack Lieb narrates, giving you the background to what's going on. Hope someone makes a documentary out of this.

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