Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Ipad (3) - HD camera on the fly?

My iPad2 just got 100 bucks cheaper as Apple launched the third generation of its popular iPad. It's just called the iPad, but I am sure the people in the Apple store will ensure that you buy the new one. I'm interested in the new iMovie app, since the camera and screen resolution on the new iPad make it an interesting field device for reporters. But what about the sound? Curious.  Watched the coverage live on with Leo Laporte and his team of analysts. They got most of the predictions right, though everyone was surprised by the name. And the Apple store crashed for ages after the new iPad was announced. I guess we'll never know how many people tried to pre-order it. But there can't be many devices costing 500 US dollars that have done so well so quickly. But while I like the iPad as a player of content, I still prefer a MacBook for creation (especially video production) and I'd be annoyed if the different windows went away. The Onion also had the best idea to cash in on the traffic. Just be honest. 

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