Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cleese on Creativity

Enjoyed revisiting this presentation about creativity from John Cleese. I seem to recall a similar point about creating creative workspaces, and isolating yourself for a set period of time, was part of the excellent videos the Monty Python team did in the 1980's for management training.

Although I know John Cleese tweets, I bet he doesn't when he's being creative to a deadline. I know it certainly doesn't work for me.


Clo Willaerts said...

This was recorded in 2009 in the Antwerp Lotto Arena during the World Creativity Forum. The book he reads from is "Hare Brain, Tortoise Mind: How Intelligence Increases When You Think Less" by one Guy Claxton.

Jonathan Marks said...

Wish I'd been there. Cleese did some excellent talks about the magic of radio in Sydney a few years back which I was fortunate to attend.