Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Influencers and how to find them

As a writer I am often contacted by PR agencies especially around the time of the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam. Why? Because in my sector I influence a lot of people's decisions on what strategy to take or what equipment to purchase. To do so means keeping a healthy distance away from the sales department, not taking advertorials and not being lured to give up my independence.

I have been struck by how naive many public relations agencies are. I get call from someone who thinks I am looking for access to their CEO and that I want to travel 1000 miles to sit in a room for a press conference. Their success is the column inches they get on my blog - which means they are usually disappointed because I'm making more video these days. Luckily, these PR agencies disappear like the autumn mist once the conference is finished.

So it was with some relief that I talked with Jonny Bentwood who is one of the team working on the social media strategy for the global PR agency, Edelman. And guess what - it's all about relationships again. I hope this is the future of their profession. Have a look at tweetlevel​ for more info.

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