Saturday, October 22, 2005

Post CS Building

You have to be a pioneer to attend a meeting at the Post CS Building which is "5-10 minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station", according to websites from companies who have hired space in the former sorting office run by the Dutch PTT. Now there are some buildings in Amsterdam which were formerly factories or warehouses which have been re-done to make them into buildings with real atmosphere.

There is a brilliant view over Amsterdam from the top of the CS Building, but otherwise I hope they demolish the whole sorry place as soon as possible. The whole area has been a building site for far too long and there is NOTHING charming about the CS building. From a business standpoint, it is hopeless...your clients cannot park and it has all the creative charm of a disused nuclear power station. By the is at least 15 minutes walk from CS, 20 if the wind blows from the East. Ugh

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