Friday, October 14, 2005

Paul de Leeuw & Robbie Williams

You know how it is. While channel hopping last night I bumped into the last bit of an interview conducted by Paul de Leeuw with Robbie Williams. It was a live interview, although 28 minutes in I thought I heard Paul de Leeuw wish Robbie a "Happy New Year". On the website (Missed the Programme) website run by the public broadcasters I was able to confirm that he did say that. May be the clue is the fact the subtitling starts in English, so the VARA can sell the whole thing internationally as a special for New Years Day 2006? Mind you, the other "stars" in the show will not be recognised by an international audience, especially the hamsters dressed up to promote the supermarket chain Albert Heijn. This is the VARA at its most commercial, perhaps anticipated the changes to public broadcasting here announced this week.

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