Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Podcast Listening Claims

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Little worried about the general credibility of the Pew guys (see previous post below) - after they came out with some ludicrous figures for people who had listened to podcasts. Obviously hadn't listened themselves.

But how many people are really smoking the podcasting dope? I note that the current general figure for the number of active podcasters is around 5500, and according to one of the first Steve Gilmor Podcasts just out, Adam Curry's podcast is estimated to have 50,000. Gilmor claims 10,000. This number will grow once there are easy tools out there (like Podshow) so that one push of a button will help you "go on air". Then writers, journalists, creatives will really have their own voice, not just the geeks who have invented work arounds.

May be we need a definition like "Average Downloads Per Edition"? And how about the Podcast 2006 awards to encourage distinctive content. There is a lot of rubbish out there which is starting to cloud the horizon of interesting content. I am not advocating censorship. But Apple will have to be choosy if they want to start a Podcast business model in the next version of i-Tunes. Hope they get some radio guys to pick and choose the best, not some IT consultants or musicians.

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