Saturday, May 28, 2005

The End is Nigh....

 Posted by HelloDomestic public broadcasting in the Netherlands is playing a very defensive role in its arguments towards the Dutch government about the future of public broadcasting. On Friday, the Board of Governors of Netherlands Public Service broadcasting leaked the figure they expect the loss of 1800 jobs if plans by Medy van der Laan (State Secretary for Broadcasting) go ahead in 2008. In addition, the costs of the re-organisation are estimated by NPB to be up to 500 million Euro, to pay off all the staff who won't find work under the new system. The problem in Hilversum is a total mix-up of what is in the interest of the citizen and what is in the interest of the consumer. Wouldn't it be great if public broadcasting took a lead to explain that they can play an important role in Dutch society by encouraging co-operation between various sectors of society - and not integration? But the domestic "omroepen" have always been a team of completely different players and there is little or no public support for the current public broadcasting structure. Something new has to rise out of the ashes of this totally outdated construction. It is a shame they are not looking at what their colleagues in Belgium and Denmark have achieved...often with much less money.  Posted by Hello

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