Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A Great In Business

Peter Jay

Peter Day is a brilliant broadcaster and his show In Business on Radio 4 is a must listen (live or download). The page is difficult to find from the main Radio 4 site, so click on this link

Really enjoyed Peter's interview with Joe Kraus in the last in the present series of In Business. Joe was only 24 when he turned himself into a paper millionaire as one of the founders of an Internet search engine called Excite, in Silicon Valley, California. Within four years the business, grown to a corporation worth more than $6billion, had crashed and burnt as the dot com bubble burst. In this programme he tells Peter Day what he's learnt about the experience, the rise of that other search engine called Google, and his new business, helping companies create so-called "Wiki" sites that anyone can edit. It's a new company called JotSpot in Palo Alto, California. I am one of their beta testers. Their wiki is a lot friendlier than the one running Wikipedia, but their business model is to host the content in Palo Alto. I'm waiting for a stand-alone version though....want to keep control over valuable content

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