Sunday, March 13, 2005

Disastrous Websites

I think there should be golden raspberry awards here in Europe for websites that just waste you time.

My nominations are:

- Adobe Netherlands. Doesn't recognise the format of a Dutch VAT number and gives the error message : java.lang.NullPointerException. Brilliant. So forget the upgrade to Adobe 7, I'll stick with Adobe 6.

- Sony. Each department in Sony, (VAIO, Cybershot, Phones) has its own customer department, website, URL - and the product has its own unique power supply. No wonder their consumer division is just that - divided! Wake up lads, this mess in Europe has been going on for YEARS!

- British Airways! Ever tried to book a ticket from London to anywhere? You go through the whole system to be told you can only pay with a UK credit card. Thanks for wasting my time.

It is no wonder that on-line sales are still only a fraction of those in the real world! These PR people have never used their own system.

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