Monday, January 31, 2005

Tom Lambert on Land

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Tom is Chief Executive, Centre for Consulting Excellence and Professor of Consultancy, Rushmore University UK/USA

Known to the American business press as the "world's friendliest guru" Tom Lambert is an international author, broadcaster, consultant, trainer, conference speaker, businessman and business journalist. In Europe, America and Southern Africa his books and seminars have led him to be known to the quality business press as "the consultant's consultant". .

Tom is CEO of the international Centre for Consulting Excellence (CfCE) a professional body launched by leading academics and businesspeople in the UK, USA and Australia with links to the ASEAN Region, Middle East and the EU. The CfCE is an organisation that works with business and academia to ensure the highest standards of consulting and interim management - and fee income that makes those standards essential - are sustained in a highly volatile and competitive business environment.

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