Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Apple's Shuffling

Do the Shuffle? Apple just announced they are shipping the i-pod Shuffle...about the size of a memory stick. The controls are simply play/pause, previous/next, volume up/down because there is no display. You connect it to your laptop with a USB 2 connector. US$ 99 for 512 MB, US$149 for 1 GB, so size comes at a big price. My playlist on the regular size Ipod is too big to Shuffle. Great news for some, not for me though.

Apparently, investors appeared also unimpressed with Jobs' announcements.

Apple's shares fell $2.71 to $66.25 during Tuesday's trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market.  Posted by Hello

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Doug Thacker said...

Afraid I'm not terribly impressed with the iPod Shuffle, either. It might not sound bad - I don't know, yet - and I'm sure they'll sell *millions* - but it's definitely nothing exciting, and certainly not the innovation we might have expected.