Friday, January 07, 2005

Clusty - Better than Google?

Writing and researching for a living, I make extensive use of search engines and have a low tolerance to rubbish. So I was intrigued when Colby Stuart passed on this clipping from Business Week Magazine.

Building a Smarter Search Engine

"Since its launch three months ago, Clusty has generated buzz for its clean design and clever approach. Using artificial intelligence, Clusty groups search results into different categories. The idea is to help people quickly navigate through the flood of results a general search engine lists without any organizing principle beyond popularity."

Been playing with Clusty for a few days, and I like the way it puts links into logical clusters. I found it a useful alternative to Google, but not a replacement. There were links that Google found that Clusty didn't - and vice versa. But definitely better than AltaVista and Lycos.

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Doug Thacker said...

Hi. Just discovered Clusty myself and posted a comment on my weblog, Mobile Eyes. Then I did a Technorati search and found this. So I thought I'd say hello.