Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Selling Your Podcast

According to Engadget, a company called Inspired Broadcast Networks is installing music vending machines in a couple of subway stations in London that’ll let you download music to your cellphone or MP3 player. They’re going to charge £1 per track, with each kiosk having about two million songs to choose from, and they have plans to install more than 20,000 of them at pubs, stores, and gas stations around the UK.

So let’s see, custom CD kiosks never really took off, why should music download kiosks do any better? It will all depend how easy it is to find and QUICKLY download music into your portable device. It also will have to overcome all kinds of compatability problems that are popping up with codecs and DRM standards.

But if your podcast is good enough...would people pay a quid to listen to your show? May be sometime in the future....not just yet.

Inspired Broadcast has a very annoying website - try and play with the navigation...aaargh...get a new designer!

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