Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Sweden Pulls the Plug

Sweden is pulling the plug on parts of its analogue TV network starting in Autumn 2005. Gotland, Gaevle and Motala-Linkoeping will then follow what has already happened in Berlin - the death of analogue TV distribution. In order to continue viewing television in these areas you will have to connect a digital terrestrial TV box, cable television or satellite. Sweden will switch the last transmitter off in February 2008. My guess is that once the boxes drop in price, switch off will happen virtually un-noticed. Those who can prove hard-ship would simply get a free basic DTT box.

Holland is apparently planning something similar.

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Anonymous said...

Hallo Jonathan!

The analog transmitters will be switched off just in time for X-mas nest year. Unless there will be lots of free och inexpensive digital boxes I do not think they can switch of that early. Especially when people find out they need a box each for their VCR and kitchen or bedroom TV-sets.

/Göran Lindemark, Stockholm